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Welcome to Indevi Lake Boats Co., Ltd

welcome-01InDevi means goddess of the lake. In Myanmar “ In” means lake.  “Devi” is a word derived from Sanskrit and in India literally means goddess.  We named our company InDevi because we feel like our boats are goddesses of Inle Lake. They are one of a kind, and none other like them.

The idea to create quiet luxury boats came after a few trips to Inle where the engine noise of  existing boats spoiled the beauty of  Inle Lake.  To make the ride more enjoyable we wanted a comfortable chair, a stable traditional Inle Lake boat and reduce noise pollution level.  We wanted to provide this boat service because we knew many other discerned travelers would feel the same way.

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Why Indevi?

why-indeviThe primary objective of InDevi Lake Boats is to provide luxury lake boat services.

We have studied the current lake boat services available to identify where improvements can be made to enhance the travelers experience to create a truly memorable lake tour.

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Life on Boat


The existing Inle boat's seating is uncomfortable and the placement of the seats leads to a shortage of leg room. We have produced purpose designed seating which is larger and more comfortable, the locations selected for the chairs have been tested on our prototype to ensure they provide ample legroom.

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InDevi Lake Boats Company Ltd.

Yangon Office: 82 Inya Road, Kamayut Township Yangon, Myanmar
Nyaung Shwe Office: U Kyar Yoe Jetty, Kaung Dine Village, Nyaung Shwe, Myanmar.
Tel:  +959 2535 02134, +959 777446588, +959 254340727
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