About Us

InDevi  Meaning

InDevi means goddess of the lake. In Myanmar “ In” means lake.  “Devi” is a word derived from Sanskrit and in India literally means goddess.  We named our company InDevi because we feel like our boats are goddesses of Inle Lake. They are one of a kind, and none other like them.

Our Story

The idea to create quiet luxury boats came after a few trips to Inle where the engine noise of  existing boats spoiled the beauty of  Inle Lake.  To make the ride more enjoyable we wanted a comfortable chair, a stable traditional Inle Lake boat and reduce noise pollution level.  We wanted to provide this boat service because we knew many other discerned travelers would feel the same way.

Our Boats

Ideas and designs were sketched out that identified the required aesthetic and functional changes needed to meet our safety and comfort demands.  We decided to keep to the traditional boat shape of Inle Lake boats and improve the interiors and the engine of the boat to make it quieter.  As a company that is environmentally conscious we have used all reclaimed teak wood to build our boats.  To ensure that our boat’s construction met strictly with our standards we employed Inle craftsmen who were instructed by a naval architect. The outcome is a boat that reaches new standards of comfort, reliability and safety for our passengers.

Our first boat was completed in 2013 in a shipyard in Yangon and transported by truck to Inle Lake, where it was painted to the distinctive red color and stored under our purpose built boat house.  Lake trials were conducted on this boat to optimize both design and performance prior to completing the other boats.

Each boat can carry five passengers and each passenger is provided with a life jacket for safety.  Also for the comfort of every passenger we provide umbrella for shade, raincoat (monsoon season) and a bottle of water.

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