Five Days Market Calendar

1 A B A B B C C D darkmoon darkmoon B B
2 B C B C C D D E B B C C
3 C D C D D E E darkmoon C C D D
4 D E D E E A darkmoon B D D E E
5 E A E A A darkmoon B C E E A A
6 A B A B darkmoon C C D A A B B
7 B C B darkmoon C D D E B B C C
8 C darkmoon darkmoon D D E E A C C D D
9 darkmoon E D E E A A B D D E E
10 E A E A A B B C E E A A
11 A B A B B C C D A A B B
12 B C B C C D D E B B C C
13 C D C D D E E A C C D D
14 D E D E E A A B D D fullmoon fullmoon
15 E A E A A B B C E E A A
16 A B A B B C C D fullmoon fullmoon B B
17 B C B C C D D E B B C C
18 C D C D D E E fullmoon C C D D
19 D E D E E A fullmoon B D D E E
20 E A E A A fullmoon B C E E A A
21 A B A B fullmoon C C D A A B B
22 B C B fullmoon C D D E B B C C
23 C fullmoon fullmoon D D E E A C C D D
24 fullmoon E D E E A A B D D E E
25 E A E A A B B C E E A A
26 A B A B B C C D A A B B
27 B C B C C D D E B B C C
28 C D C D D E E A C C D darkmoon
29 D E D E E A A B D D darkmoon E
30 E XXX E A A B B C E darkmoon A A

Note: A, B, C, D, E are market places as following

A   - Heho (approximately 2-miles from Heho Airport)
- Taung Tovillage , Than Taung village (on the store of Inle Lake)
- Kyone (on the way of Aungban-Pindaya Rd.)
- Loikaw (Kayah State)

- Taunggyi, Aungban (gate way to highway Rd.)
- Inle Floating Market 
C   - PweHla (gate way to Pindaya), PhaungDawOo on the lake& Mine Thaut( on the store of Inle Lake )
D   - ShweNyaung, Kalaw,  KhaungDaing village, Inndeinvillage (South west of Ywa Ma), PhaeKhone village
E   - NyaungShwe (gateway to Inle Lake), Pindaya (vicinity of Pindaya Cave)
- Nam Pam village on the water, Sakar (on the Store of Inle Lake)
XXX   - This month has only30 or 28 days.

fullmoon - Full Moon Day

darkmoon - Dark Moon Day

Remarks - All markets are closed on full moon days, dark moon days and they are held on one day ahead.


Phaungdawoo Pagoda Festival Schdule on Inle Lake, 2017 

This festival will be celebrated from 21st Sep 2017 to 8th Oct 2017

1 21-September-2017 Phaung Daw Oo 4:00 AM Opening Ceremony  
2 21-September-2017 Phaung Daw Oo 7:00 AM Kyay Paw Khon Night Stop
3 22- September -017 Inn Paw Khon 8:00 AM Inn Dain Lunch
4 22- September-017 Inn Dain 2:30 PM Heya Ywa Ma 2 Nights
5 23-September-2017 Heya Ywa Ma - Heya Ywa Ma 2 Nights
6 24-September-2017 Heya Ywa Ma 7:00 AM Nga Phe Chaung Night Stop
7 25-September-2017 Nga Phe Chaung 7:00 AM Kyay Sar Night Stop
8 26-September-2017 Kyay Sar 7:00 AM Pwe Sar Kone Lunch
9 26-September-2017 Pwe Sar Kone 7:00 AM Lin Kin Night Stop
10 27-September-2017 Lin Kin 7:00 AM Nyaung Shwe 3 Nights
11 28-September-2017 Nyaung Shwe - Nyaung Shwe 3 Nights
12 29-september-2017 Nyaung Shwe - Nyaung Shwe 3 Nights
13 30-september-2017 Nyaung Shwe 7:00 AM Nam Thae Lunch
14 30-september-2017 Nam Thea 1:00 PM Mine Thout Night Stop
15 1-October-2017 Mine Thout 7:00 AM Tha Le Oo Night Stop
16 2-October-2017 Tha Le Oo 7:00 AM Kay Lar Lunch
17 2-October-2017 Kay Lar 2:30 PM Za Yat Kyee Night Stop
18 3-October-2017 Za Yat Kyee 7:00 AM Pha Ya Pawik Lunch
19 3-October-2017 Pha Ya Pawik 2:30 PM Nam Pan Night Stop
20 4-October-2017 Nam Pan 7:00 AM Ma Kyee Sake Lunch
21 4-October-2017 Ma Kyee Sake 2:00 PM Kyaing Kham Night Stop
22 5-October-2017 Kyaing Kham 7:00 AM Mine Phyoe Night Stop
23 6-October-2017 Mine Phyoe 7:00 AM Nyaung Taw Night Stop
24 7-October-2017 Naung Taw 7:00 AM Inn Paw Khon Lunch
25 7-October-2017 Inn Paw Khon 2:30 PM Ye Tha Night Stop
26 8-October-2017 Ye Tha 8:00 AM Phaung Daw Oo Night Stop
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