Places of Interest in Inle Lake

Inle Lake is one of the top destinations in Myanmar, because the lake’s rural charms are authentic and magical.

Local ‘Intha’ fisherman can be seen in their fatended canoes paddling with one leg allowing them to use both hands to fish.

Floating gardens are abundant with tomatoes, beans and other vegetables.

Wooden homes perch precariously above the water on rickety stilts in villages that sustain generations-old cottage industries.

There are many destinations to visit, some of which are identifed below:

  • Floating market
  • Floating gardens
  • Inle Lake festival
  • Ywama village
  • Nga Phe Kyuang (Jumping cat monestry)
  • Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda
  • Indein Pagodas
  • Kakku Pagodas
  • Sagar area
  • Pindaya caves
market-02 market-03 fisherman-01 fisherman-02
Floating Market Floating Market Fisherman Fisherman
indein-01 indein-02 indein-03 sakar-inn-01
Indein Pagoda Indein Pagoda Indein Pagoda  Sakar Inn
sakar-inn-02 taung-do yanpyayman-monestry-01 yanpyayman-monestry-02
Sakar Inn Taung Do, Inle Yan Pyay Man Monestry Yan Pyay Man Monestry



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